Money with Babak Radboy

Money with Babak Radboy
Circle Time


Circle Time

The ultimate test of your own understanding is to be able to explain a concept to children. Circle Time is educational television for a new age, teaching kids (and us all) about the complicated social machinery of our technocapitalist world.

Money with Babak Radboy

You’ve got to spend money to make money — and nothing is better at making money than money itself.

Paid for our time and spending our time to get paid, wage labor is a self-perpetuating exploitative machine, turning our bodies into profit machines that fuel the accumulation and consolidation of wealth for the very few of the managerial class. But if living is turned into nothing but the generation of value, how might we make a system of value — a currency — that resembles us as living, dying, reproducing creatures?

Explaining the ruthlessness of capital to children, Babak Radboy peels away the skin of our society to reveal the skeleton of money propping it up and proposes a brave new world where money breathes along with us

Babak Radboy is an artist working exclusively in the commercial idiom of art direction. He is partner and creative director of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winning unisex line TELFAR. His projects include attempting to sell a $50,000,000 townhouse at Frieze London, designing the nationwide uniforms for the fast-food chain White Castle, producing a magazine with 5,000 unique covers, a conceptual streetwear line with Bjarne Melgaard, a music video for Kanye West.

Featuring Babak Radboy
Director of Photography Alex Gvojic
Sound by Aaron David Ross
Music by Poddington Bear
Set by And Or Forever
Hair & Makeup by Akihisa Yamaguchi
AC Sam Reiss
Audio by Diego Reiwald
About Text by Drew Zeiba
Animated by  DV Caputo
Editing by Sam Reiss
Illustrations by Kristin Wong
Kids Minnie, Liv, Matthew, Brandan, Andre, and Royce
Production by Rory Muhlere