Almusibli Panorama, June 2021

Almusibli Panorama, June 2021
Christophe Lovasoa Kauffmann, Milena Langer, Philip Ortelli

Curated by Mohamed Almusibli

Each month, the Helvetico-Yemenite curator Mohamed Almusibli presents a selection of digital works recently produced by Swiss artists or artists living and working in Switzerland in the Works section on the 5th floor. At the end of a year of programming, a panorama of the territories and forms emerging from the Swiss art scene in all its diversity will thus be drawn up.

Program presented with the support of Pro Helvetia


Christophe Lovasoa Kauffmann
My Tinnitus Has A Secret To Share
2021, 8′

My Tinnitus Has A Secret To Share is a compilation whose initial goal is to exist solely in an intimate setting between me and certain relatives. A protection voluntarily broken right here.
It reveals the memory of a body and its digital presence, as well as its fragility in exposing its nature in the physical world. With my multiple past experiences in various internet communities, I hereby expose, with the help of certain “Stan Twitter” codes, an idea of my person untied from any “real” language. Facing this dissonance is accepting our multipliable identities.

Credits: Jessica Sarceno (digital drawing)

Christophe Lovasoa Kauffmann (b. 1999) is an artist based in Geneva, trained at HEAD – Genève. His work, mainly painting, attempts to collect and superimpose different visual elements, from a pure popular contemporary culture, as well as presenting intimate transformation of it through his corporal and sometimes digital existence.


Milena Langer
2021, 6′

i like to drive drive me anywhere i’m driven by strong drives life is a drive drive is a journey scopic drive what drives us you drive me crazy i like the drive hard drive fast driving smooth drive drive by drive in drive on drive out out of drive no drive oral drive death drive sexual drive sexy drive hot drives automatic drive drive faster drive me home i drive you home i can drive extra drive

Milena Langer (b.1997) is an artist based in Zurich. Over the past year her work has been included in group exhibitions at Milieu, Bern (Winds of Change), Swiss Institute, New York (Haunted Haus), Longtang, Zürich (Period S01E0) and NICO Gallery, Bari (MIXED/VARIOUS/UNTITLED). In December 2020, her fist solo show Hunt opened at Plymouth Rock, Zurich. She’s nominated for the Kiefer Hablitzel | Göhner Kunstpreis 2021.


Philip Ortelli
Liberty, Love and Loneliness
2021, 24′

For Liberty, Love and Loneliness (2021), Philip Ortelli lead research in the gay holdings of the “Archives sociales suisses”. In the resulting experimental film, he depicts the reality of the life of queer people in Switzerland thanks to political and mediatic documents retracing the important steps in the history of their representation in public space. At the same time, he shows that a whole part of this story has not been documented for fear of reprisals or censorship. The artist highlights that this lack of knowledge is still embedded in many minds and remains a factor of discrimination and violence committed against LGBTIQ people. In this sense, his work must be understood as an extension of the archives and an attempt to determine what being queer means today. The epoxy resin panels contain objects representative of this situation, as well as archives which complement the video.

Camera by James Bantone
Sound composition by GOLCE
Animation by Alfatih
Supported by: Pink Corss, Organisation Suisse des Lesbiennes, Transgender Network Switzerland, Heinrich Hössli Stiftung, Kultur Stadt Bern, SWISSLOS Kultur Kanton Bern

Philip Ortelli (b. 1991) is an artist working with video and sculpture, oscillating between concept and intuition. Recent works circle around queerness and its complicated history of representation. Since receiving his Master at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, he has shown his work in numerous institutions and has been awarded several grants and prizes.