Koondhor Panorama – Octobre 2022

Koondhor Panorama – Octobre 2022
NGUZUNGUZU, Ian Wooldridge, Rafał Skoczek & Tapiwa Svosve

Curated by Lhaga Namlha Koondhor

Koondhor Panorama
October 2022
Curated by
Lhaga Namlha Koondhor

The Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève introduces the second chapter of its Swiss Panorama, a 5th floor program presenting a selection of digital works recently produced by Swiss artists, or artists living in Switzerland, which aims to draw a panorama of the territories and forms emerging from the local art scene. This monthly program will be curated by Lhaga Namlha Koondhor.

The practice of interdisciplinary curator and artist, Lhaga Namlha Koondhor spans across the fields of curatorial work, creative direction, and music programming. Her projects, always relating to lyrical themes (parasitism, breeding, pop and counterculture), articulate themselves much like theory-fiction and oral mythology. They are thoroughly informed by a collaborative approach, never possessing a dominant authorial voice, but rather articulating themselves by including other voices and being marked by a shared understanding.

Lhaga Namlha Koondhor, also known as Asian Eyez, born in Switzerland, lives and works between Zurich and Shanghai. Koondhor is a curator and cultural provocateur that spent her career breaking boundaries and establishing inclusive strategies. By finding innovative ways to bring together her network and community, she creates artistic interventions that look beyond existing systems and deepen the notion of communality.


Just A Touch

Just A Touch depicts a lucid dream under the form of a romance novel. The composers, NGUZUNGUZU, are continually inspired by late-night 90’s love making playlists, as well as Art of Noise: Moments in Love. Zurich Ballet dancers Meiri Maeda and Lucas Rodriguez perform this piece through dynamic and sensual movement, providing that so-called ‘special touch.’

Asma Maroof (b. 1985) explores dystopian atmospheres through various mediums. Under the pseudonym Asmara, she produces and composes electronic music, and performs internationally at music, film, and art venues. These include the Sydney Opera House (AUS); the Whitney Museum of American Art (USA); the Unsound Festival (GER); and the MTV VMAs (USA). She has worked in collaboration with artists such as M.I.A., Kelela, Fatima Al Qadiri, and Venus X, and is also a member of the musical group NGUZUNGUZU (Fade to Mind). Her soundtracks have graced Kenzo, Céline, and Louis Vuitton runway shows, as well as commercials for Nike, Mugler, and Telfar. Asma also works closely with artist/filmmaker Wu Tsang – they are now both in residency at Schauspielhaus Zurich.


Directed by: Asma Maroof & Josh Johnson
Editor/ FX: Anthony Valdez
Produced by: Natascha Simons & Wu Tsang & Joshua Wicke
Cinematography: Christina Welter & Josh Johnson
Movement Direction: Josh Johnson
Clothes by: Ottolinger & Balenciaga
Special Thanks to Schauspielhaus Zürich

Ian Wooldridge

The video R.O.T.A. (2022) showcases a psychedelic office tour – one where language governs the spatial conditions for the self. Two bodies (A and B), and three voices (operator, shift, and ambient), interlace with three repetitions / rotations of this office tour. To capture this tour, the camera floats through space following the form of an infinite loop. The video is layered with stock footage of clouds and kaleidoscopes, and the soundtrack consists of remixed / sampled tracks taken from several genres of music: ambient, black metal, emo, math rock and trap.

Ian Wooldridge (b.1982) is an artist and writer based in Zurich. He has performed and exhibited at the ICA (UK); Kunsthalle Zurich (CH); Fri Art (CH); Nuit Blanche, Paris Arts Lab 2019 (FR); The Cruising Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 (IT); LUX (UK); Folkwang (GER) and Istituto Svizzero (IT). He has published with Artforum (USA); Frieze (UK); Mousse (IT); Texte zur Kunst (DE); Brand New Life (CH); Arcadia Missa (UK) and Pilot Press (UK). Since 2013, Wooldridge has been part of a seminar group at the University of Basel for the philosophy of media, in the department of arts, media and philosophy.

Video by: Ian Wooldridge
Cast: Pälden Tamnyen, Ezra Ackermann, Olamiju Fajemisi, Milena Langer, Semuel Lala
Face Filter designed in collaboration with Matthew Chen


Rafał Skoczek & Tapiwa Svosve
A lung in a horn in a horn

In the winter of 20/21, during the second wave of lockdowns, artist Rafał Skoczek and saxophonist Tapiwa Svosve snuck into an underground building site that was part of a new sewage system in Zurich. Passing under the Sihl river, the pair found that the tunnel stretched for a couple of kilometers. Its long, circular shape amplified every noise, no matter how quiet, and bounced back an altered version of the sound. The schizo-acoustics this produced made even talking difficult.

While exploring the space, the rush of adrenaline at the fear of being discovered, or even worse, the potential for the tunnel to flood, was overcome by curiosity. This duo thus made 2 audio recordings and captured some footage that resulted in this publication. The tunnel has since been cemented and is now completely inaccessible.

Rafał Skoczek (b. 1989) is a polish artist living and working in Zurich. He is the cofounder of the experimental music label czarnagora. Rafał Skoczek has exhibited widely, including exhibitions at Stadtgalerie Bern (CH); Kunsthalle Zürich (CH); Kunsthaus Glarus (CH); Centre d’Art Neuchâtel (CH); DIANA, Los Angeles (USA); Plymouth Rock (CH); and the Kiefer Hablitzel │ Göhner Prize at the Swiss Art Awards (CH)

Tapiwa Svosve (*1995) is a Musician and Theorist. He is invested in multidisciplinary practices combining sound with theater, painting, and historical praxis. He currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland.


Camera : Tim Haesler & Rafał Skoczek
Edited by: Rafal Skoczek
Recording & mastering : Rafał Skoczek