Almusibli Panorama, February 2021

Almusibli Panorama, February 2021
Lucia Martinez Garcia, Mayara Yamada, Nils Amadeus Lange

Curated by Mohamed Almusibli

Each month, the Helvetico-Yemenite curator Mohamed Almusibli presents a selection of digital works recently produced by Swiss artists or artists living and working in Switzerland in the Works section on the 5th floor. At the end of a year of programming, a panorama of the territories and forms emerging from the Swiss art scene in all its diversity will thus be drawn up.

Program presented with the support of Pro Helvetia.


Lucia Martinez Garcia
2021, 10′
Dihya is part of a project which gathers several videos in which Lucia films her sister. For this work, she wanted to film her sister’s physical transformation but also her daily life, without filming it in the format of a documentary. The staging allowed her to share her own story in the form of discussions and voiceover, while also filming the long, almost ritualized, make-up preparations that her sister shares with friends. The film features painting-like scenes, with an aesthetic approach, in which her sister Mia exists as an almost divine figure.

Lucia Martinez Garcia (b. 1994, Geneva) is a Swiss videographer, filmmaker and film editor whose films explore the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Forsaking professional interpreters, the fictions generated are based on the protagonist’s immediate reality. For Garcia, fiction often slips into the folds of reality, bringing out stories that are as minimal as they are essential.


Mayara Yamada
Antes disso tudo começar
2020, 3’35”
Antes disso tudo começar (Before it all begun) is a video produced in France during the summer of 2020 using images from the artist’s personal travel archive made between 2019 and 2020 in France, Brazil and Italy. Looking at the images of her travels in a world where it was still possible to move around in a simple and spontaneous way, she reflects on social distancing and her forced distance from her country of origin during the Covid-19 epidemic.
In this video, texts and images come together through a sentimental narration in an epistolary format accompanied by a consistent voice, in contradiction with the floating and unstable images of water. This element, which is a strong symbol of sentimental movements, is perceived here as an anchor point with the world. By superimposing themselves, the voice and the different planes create improbable links.

Mayara Yamada (b. Brazil) is an artist, performer and researcher trained at ECAL.  Artist in transit since 2010, her research focuses primarily on performance but also encompasses several artistic mediums such as photography, theater and music with the main themes of autobiography, the study of the body, landscape and memory. Interested in the working process, she is more concerned with the trace she leaves in the places and landscapes she travels through than in producing an artwork in itself.


Nils Amadeus Lange
song to the siren, a fountain for the public space

2020, 2’38”
song to the siren, a fountain for the public space is one of the first video works by Nils Amadeus Lange and was produced in the winter of 2020 for BWA Wroclaw. In the original version, the work is projected onto a bricked-up door ledge and reflected on the wet floor of the exhibition space. This video is part of an aesthetic exploration of Baroque fountains and examines the representation of nudity and symbols such as the scallop shell. The resolution of the video plays with a corporate aesthetic that suggests a certain accessibility. A group of people form up in public space and urinate, an image we often dismiss as indecent rebellious behavior. Yet through the rhythm of the jets, the fountain-like formation of the body, grace and beauty are asserted. A place is squatted, public space is queered and reclaimed.
Lange has been investigating the motif of urination for years, and to what extent bodily fluids can function as an extension of the body and thus become part of a choreographic decision. This special form of intimacy has nothing perverse about it, neither is it an expression of dominance or submission. It is an attempt to embed human biology, the gentle encounter, in the urban fabric, in which the human body, with all its crevices, fluids and filth, is a taboo.

Nils Amadeus Lange (* 1989 Cologne, Germany) works as an artist, performer and choreographer in Zurich. After studying theatre at the Hochschule der Künste Bern (HKB), he expanded his theatre practice with a focus on dance and performance and developed numerous projects in collaboration with visual artists. At the centre of his practice is the body, which functions as a means of deconstructing conventions, social models and gender stereotypes.
His works have been shown at various locations such as Kunsthalle Basel, Kunsthalle Zürich, Manifesta Zürich, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art Warsaw, Istituto Svizzero Rome, Belvedere 21 Vienna, Centre d‘Art Contemporain Genève, Swiss Dance Days, Zürich moves!, Gessnerallee, Frascati Amsterdam, ZÜRICH TANZT, Berliner Festspiele, Kunsthalle Bern, Les Urbaines Lausanne, Südpol Luzern, Tanzhaus Zürich und CounterPulse San Francisco, and Cabaret Voltaire Zürich.

Camera: Alvaro Kreyden
With: Sita, Timon, Ronja, Rufio, Annina, Lara
Acknowledgement: Rabea Grand and Gessnerallee Zürich