Eduardo Williams with Mariano Blatt

“No es” (It isn’t) is a cumulative poem by Mariano Blatt, whose constant writing process extends over a lifetime. The text of the poem, to which verses are added over days, months and years, can cover anything: images, people, memories, landscapes, phrases, ideas, etc. Having that list of “what seems to be but isn’t” ringing in his head, Eduardo Williams’ film Parsi observes in a perpetual movement the spaces and people to create another poem that is caressed, crashes and spins next to “No es“.

Parsi has been produced by the Centre d’Art contemporain Genève for the Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement 2018. The film has been presented accross the world, including at the Cinématèque de Paris, the Julia Stoshek Collection, the Tate Modern, the Bergen Kunsthall, and the Mumok of Vienna. Following the presentation of this film, Eduardo Williams was also awarded the Lincoln Center Award for Emerging Artists.

Eduardo Williams’ films explore a fluid mode of observation, looking for mutual relations and open adventures in a physical and virtual network. He believes that uncertainty can yield its own sources of beauty and forms of small-scale resistance through communal escape and shared complicity, so as to chart the rhythms of autonomy over automatism.

Mariano Blatt is a poet and literary editor. Mi juventud unida (Mansalva, 2015) collects his poems from 2005 to 2015. He co-directs Blatt & Ríos, an independent publishing house.