7 Pieces for John Giorno

7 Pieces for John Giorno
Laurie Anderson, Kassel Jaeger, Felicia Atkinson, Bendik Giske, Angel Bat Dawid, Lucy Railton, Thurston Moore

Curated by Guillaume Sorge

Barely a year ago, the great American poet John Giorno passed away, leaving behind him a unique and protean body of work, covering all the interstices of contemporary creation. On the occasion of the first John Giorno Day—on September 19—the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève celebrates the poet by presenting 7 Pieces for John Giorno, a musical homage curated by Guillaume Sorge bringing together tutelary figures of the American underground (Laurie Anderson, Thurston Moore, Angel Bat Dawid) and the avant-garde of the European scene (Kassel Jaeger, Lucy Railton, Bendik Giske, Felicia Atkinson).



Laurie Anderson, For John Giorno
Kassel Jaeger, Demi – Gods, Hungry Ghosts & Earth Spirits — Three Miniatures for JG
Felicia Atkinson, You have to have eyes
Bendik Giske, I’m flying, slipping and sliding
Angel Bat Dawid, Dial-A-Lkebulan
Lucy Railton, Listening to “John Giorno – Everyone Is A Complete Disappointment”
Thurston Moore, SLEEP



Laurie Anderson, For John Giorno
A previously unseen video piece by Laurie Anderson, created for the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, in homage to her friend John Giorno.

Thurston Moore & Radieux Radio, SLEEP
Andy Warhol once made a sweet film of his lover sleeping, called SLEEP. His lover in the film is the poet John Giorno. We love that we will always be able to see him sleeping peacefully through the eyes of an artist who loved him. This is a film by Radieux Radio with the sound of guitar feedback by Thurston Moore.