Swiss Moving Image Award

Swiss Moving Image Award
Lucia Martinez Garcia

Retrospective of the 2021 winner

The Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève is pleased to present a retrospective dedicated to Lucia Martinez Garcia, winner of the Swiss Moving Image Award 2021.

Launched earlier this year, the Swiss Moving Image Award recognizes an outstanding young Swiss artist or artist working in Switzerland in the area of video art and moving images. The 2021 prize marks the culmination of the program Almusibli Panorama, curated by Mohamed Almusibli and presented for the past year on the 5th floor. The five films presented as part of this retrospective will be visible until September 30, 2021.

Members of the jury of the Swiss Moving Image Award 2021:

Andrea Bellini, director of the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève
Haro Cumbusyan, art collector
Olamiju Fajemisin, writer
Andrea Lissoni, director of Haus der Kunst in Munich
Lisa Long, curator at the Julia Stoschek Collection in Berlin and Düsseldorf
Deborah Joyce Holman, artist and associate curator of Auto Italia in London


2016, DV, couleur, son, format 4/3, 13’
From a watchtower, Lucas observes, touhcing a world that is being built around him. Freed from the home in which he lives, for a single day, Lucas sets out to confront his reality, in the form of others who are going to send him back an image of himself that is as mysterious as it is fragile.

A film directed and written by Lucia Martinez Garcia
With: Mia Martinez Gracia, Yolmai Riondel, Lou Cohen, Eleonore Chalié, Aziadé Cirlini, Alan Schmalz, Marie Cornil, Timothée Calame
Chief operator: Augustin Losserand
Assistant director: Yvan Alvarez
Sound engineer: Thomas Benard
Light: Hugo Radi
Make-up: Eléonore Chalié
Music: Mandine Knöpfel
Lyrics: Kim Seob Boninsegni
Sound mixing: Thomas Benard
Calibration: Raphaël Frauenfelder
Translation: Marie Frachebourg

2017, 4/3, 2’46’’
Plattform, shows Mirador’s character in a new light as he grows, unfolds, lives and dances.

With Mia Martinez Garcia
Direction, image and editing: Lucia Martinez Garcia
Music: Mandine Knoepfel

2017, Vidéo HD, couleur, musique, format 16/9, 6’13’’
241015 is an experimental video I made during a demonstration in October 2015. Following budget cuts for culture, an “untamed” demonstration took place during the night. The images show luxury shops ravaged in the lower streets of Geneva. It is a generation that claims its freedom and challenges the imposed authority.

Direction: Lucia Martinez Garcia
Image and editing: Lucia Martinez Garcia
Music: Mandine Knoepfel

2018, DV, couleur, son 5.1, 25’
In the early hours of the morning, three friends find a car that will allow them to break away. One of them is repenting of an act committed the previous day when he hears about a cross on top of a mountain. It is said that this cross allows one to find oneself. He decides to go in search of the cross with the help of his two travelling companions.

Direction: Lucia Martinez & Hugo Radi
With : Ismael Taha, Abimael Ouedraogo, Jules Robert
Assistant director: Arthur Jaquier
Image: Lucia Martinez
Sound: Imanol Pittaluga
Image editing: Lucia Martinez
Sound editing: Imanol Pittaluga & Hugo Radi
Calibration: Raphaël Dubach

Eau Vive
2019, HD, couleur, son 5.1, 15’
Between parties and swimming in the river, Lou abandons herself to the passing of the summer and sails through his recomposed community. In minor moments of comfort, she feels a lassitude for a territory that has become too familiar. Melancholic, she thinks of an elsewhere that she would like to grasp.

Direction and script: Lucia Martinez Garcia
With : Lou Cohen, Ismaël Taha, Léo Chalié, Hugo Baud, Hugo Radi, Arthur Jaquier, Livio Sabuco Roux, Abimael Ouedraogo, Bruno Jacot
Operation chief: Augustin Losserand
Sound: Pierre-Nicolas Blandin
First assistant: Camille Vanoye
Studio manager: Yvan Alvarez
Studio management assistants: Camille Dumond, Hugo Baud
Light assistants: Patrick Muroni
Sound assistant: Arthur Miserez
Graphisme: Laetitia Troilo
With the participation of Cinéforom and the support of Loterie Romande.
Made in collaboration with HEAD – Genève et l’aide de la Fondation Engelberts pour les arts et la culture


Lucia Martinez Garcia (1994, Geneva, Switzerland) is a video artist, director and editor living and working in Geneva, Switzerland. She graduated from HEAD – Genève in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts, Information/Fiction option, and then from a Master’s degree in Cinema delivered jointly by ECAL, Lausanne and HEAD – Genève in 2018. Her work has been presented in group exhibitions and in numerous festivals in Switzerland and Europe, such as Sarajevo Film Festival (2020); Visions du Réel, International Film Festival Nyon, 48th edition (2019); 16th Festival Curto Circuito, Santiago de Compostela (2019) and the Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin (2018). In 2020, she will start a residency at the artist’s studio of the Cité internationale des arts, Paris.