Selection of films

Selection of films
Caroline Poggi & Jonathan Vinel

The Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève is pleased to present a selection of films by Caroline Poggi & Jonathan Vinel for

Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel have been co-directing films for ten years. Set against the backdrop of the disarray and excesses of a youth lost in a cold, violent world, the two filmmakers explore crumbling worlds in which characters seek to give meaning to their lives. Whether it is through their debut feature Jessica Forever, or through their short and medium-length films, they follow the destiny of their own generation. A generation that feeds on heroism through the virtual, a generation that encountered porn before love and online violence before friendship, a generation for whom video games are their lost paradise.

Martin Cries (2017 16′)
Imagine you wake up one day, all your friends have disappeared. The friends that should be there are gone. So you look. You look everywhere. Every hiding place, each inch of the city, all the marshes, all the rivers. You look, but cannot find them.

Baby Anger (2020, 13′)
A lost baby toon, confronted with a contemporary world and its empty spaces, asks himself how to grow up.

Watch the Fire or Burn Inside It (2022, 18′)
In Corsica, a woman chooses to care for the earth by burning it.


Credits :
BEBE COLERE : Barbara Braccini
MARTIN PLEURE : Paul Hamy, Sarah-Megan Allouch
IL FAUT REGARDER LE FEU OU BRULER DEDANS : Caroline Poggi, Bendik Giske, Pan Daijing