Almusibli Panorama, August 2020

Almusibli Panorama, August 2020
Alessia Gunawan, Jiajia Zhang, Alfatih

Curated by Mohamed Almusibli

Each month, the Swiss curator Mohamed Almusibli presents a selection of digital works recently produced by Swiss artists, or artists living and working in Switzerland, in the Works section on the 5th floor, our digital extension. This one-year program aims at drawing a panorama of the territories and forms emerging from the Swiss art scene in all its diversity.

Program presented with the support of Pro Helvetia


Alessia Gunawan
Counter Faith
2020, 10′

‘Counter Faith’ explores a personal narration that aims to understand the motor behind the construction of gated communities in Indonesia as the violent imaginaries of 1998 remain unresolved in the nation’s damaged system. Questioning the role of violence and working through experiences of trauma, Gunawan looks at how much these stories have impacted the construction of personal perceptions.

Born in Jakarta in 1995 to Italian and Chinese Indonesian parents, Alessia Gunawan is a multimedia artist primarily working with photography and film. In her projects, Gunawan focuses on unveiling the hyper saturated images that conceal the various aspects of a globalized and seemingly connected contemporary culture.


Jiajia Zhang
Orlando, Chapter I
2019-ongoing, 93′

Orlando is based on Virginia Woolf’s book of the same name and Sally Potter’s adaptation from 1992.
The video is an attempt to ‘exteriorize consciousness’ or to describe the secret machinery of the mind by finding and collaging images of the outer world with a Spanish dubbed soundtrack of Orlando.
As Orlando lives through 400 years which bring changes in costume, history, role and sex, the images of our times also shape us and write themselves on our identity.

The video presented is the first chapter of the 93-minute film made by the artist, which is 7 in length: Death / Love / Poetry / Politics / Society / Sex / Birth.

Originally trained as an architect, Jiajia is culturally both Chinese and Swiss, and her rigorous and quite moving artistic practice—which moves deftly between film, writing, sculpture, and installation—mediates between common materials, relational and representative space, myriad political perspectives, and the diaristic poetry of the everyday.


On Vacation
2019, 6′

On Vacation is a series of vlogs recorded in San Francisco (US), Los Santos (US/GTA) and Lausanne (CH), initially uploaded to Instagram over a five-week period between February and March 2019. The city of Los Santos was altered to stage a fiction, which then evolved according to unpredictable in-game events and audience inputs—on gun violence, on toxic masculinity, on reclaiming spaces, on performative activism, on vacation.

Alfatih (b. 1995) lives and works in Fribourg and has presented interactive, installative and video works in institutions and spaces such as Haus der Elektronische Kunst, Les Urbaines, or WallRiss.

Music: I Stand Up and Say, Toxic Masculinity has got to go Away courtesy of Peder Mannerfelt