A selection of music from Chiara Fumai's record collection

A selection of music from Chiara Fumai's record collection
Guillaume Sorge

I had the chance to meet Chiara Fumai in the early 2000s in Milan, a time when the vast majority of young people were slashers, multiplying jobs and activities out of obligation but also because they didn’t want to choose. Chiara didn’t escape this modus operandi: she mixed at parties she organized, designing flyers, editing videos, drawing bags, provoking a lot of encounters, with a mixture of intensity and crazy lightness, which I rarely found again afterwards. This selection is taken from her record collection, the ones she listened to and mixed in the 2000s: crazy, sad, electronic, cheap and romantic albums, a bit in her image.

In closing this little message, I think of the poet Nicolas de Chamfort who opposed the reasonable ones who last to the passionate ones who live, I don’t have many doubts about the option Chiara chose.


01. LORY D – No escape
02. 69 – If mojo was A.M.
03. ASTROBOTNIA – Untitled 04
04. NINA HAGEN – Egyptian reggae
05. VALERIE DORE – Get closer
06. JOHN FOXX – Your dress
07. MORGAN GEIST – Detroit
08. LEGOWELT – The secret initiation of Sqaudron
09. DMX KREW – White noise – black hole (Analogue version)
10. EGYPTIAN LOVER – And my beat goes boom
11. ALDEN TYRELL – Disco lunar module
12. IGGY POP – Nightclubbing