Cartes blanches (web series), episode 1–6

Cartes blanches (web series), episode 1–6
Boris Mitić

Cartes Blanches is a consoling pop encyclopedia of Nothing, which was born as a spin-off from the feature-length documentary In Praise of Nothing by Boris Mitić, presented during the Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement 2016. These web-episodes feature the “personified” voice-over of Nothing in a vocalisation by Denis Lavant. The documentary images of Nothing are here replaced by animated pictograms, while the commentary of Nothing is no longer general, but rather specific, to the rhythm of a theme per episode, while keeping the same entertaining, humanistic and consoling tone, and of course—the rhymes.
In his practice, former journalist Boris Mitić thrives on finding creative solutions to boring or cinematically impossible themes.

6 animated web-episodes of 2:30 minutes during which the Nothing is presented in a constructive way.

Episode 1: A Brief History of Nothing
How Nothing has shaped the development of civilizations.

Episode 2: Nothing in Daily Life
What do we do when we do nothing?

Episode 3: All quiet on the East
The central role of Nothing, between harmony and wisdom, in the culture of the Far East.

Episode 4: Nothing goes West
Nothing as a remedy for the Western way of life.

Episode 5: The Eros of Our Time
Nothing as an aphrodisiac – instructions for use.

Episode 6: La Mort fati
How mankind tamed (sometimes) death.

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Written and directed by Boris Mitić,
Narrated by Denis Lavant
Produced by La Bête (Paris), Dribbling Pictures (Belgrade) and Anti-Absurd (Zagreb) in association with Arte G.E.I.E., MDR and RTS-SSR

© 2018