Three short films

Three short films
Giovanni Cioni

The Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève’s online space, the 5th Floor, serves as a platform for digital production but also aims at rediscovering and giving visibility to material that would otherwise not be seen.

Online now are three silent films by Giovanni Cioni (b. 1962), a filmmaker of the “loss of landmarks.” In his unconventional films, his camera becomes an explorer, transforming the environment within his reach into unknown territory. The three films visible on the 5th Floor represent a series of “silent films to listen to” made during the 1990s in various cities.

La Rumeur du Monde #1996
Walking the World – a reinterpretation of one of the 1996 “silent films to listen to”: Funambulite, created for Barbara Manzetti’s Tournejour project, with Christian Olivier.

La Rumeur du Monde #Dicembre 2012
Revised fragments of “silent films to listen to”, Funambulite, Planetarium and Si par une nuit
Until the end, then it’s back to square one. To the end of a super8 roller, 3 minutes of a taxi-scooter traveling to Bombay. Until the end, a man wakes up on a beach, in a silent movie, as if everything were to begin.

24 ore prima di Napoli
December 7, 2009. 3 minutes of Naples, a postcard, 3 minutes of 24 hours in motionless time. 3 minutes inspired by the dream of a Neapolitan friend. this film is a prologue to the collective film NAPOLI24 produced by Teatri Uniti. (Sound design by Davide Mastropaolo)