No one will kill you any more than if you were a corpse

No one will kill you any more than if you were a corpse
Menelaos Karamaghiolis

The moral crossroads that Menelaos Karamaghiolis’ new moving image works generate expand the video space and introduce a new kind of realism the filmmaker has been constructing throughout the past decade, by mapping what is not central in the geography of the heroic.

No one will kill you, anymore than if you were a corpse (2019) is a video in three variations. The gamified format allows the viewer to choose one of three points of views depending on his moral outlook and standing. A filmmaker claims fear staying alone in a pet cemetery and follows the gravedigger, who goes to pick up a corpse of a dog. Is this the case, or is it that the invasive presence of the camera lens perpetually employs childish excuses so that it pierces uninterruptedly through every private moment?

The need of recording everything through a camera, the fear of death and the human burial customs are being harshly judged by a dog that questions its own death and creates a confusion in quest of its immortality.

Finally, the viewer has to choose which was buried, out of:

  1. the dog itself;
  2. the other small white dog from the fridge;
  3. a pillow.

Application designed and developed by Renia Papathanasiou (ViRA Virtual Reality Applications)
Courtesy the artist and Rodeo, Piraeus