Mille Soleils

Mille Soleils
Mati Diop

In 1972, Djibril Diop Mambety shoots the story of Touki Bouki. Mory and Anta are in love. The two young lovers share the same dream, to leave Dakar for Paris. At the fateful moment, Anta embarks. Meanwhile, Mory is unable to tear himself away from his land. Forty years later, Mille soleils investigates the personal and universal inheritance which represents Touki Bouki. What has happened since? Magaye Niang, the hero of the movie, has never left Dakar. And today, the old cowboy wonders where Anta, his youth love, is. Stories about family, exile and cinema meet between the sphere of intimacy and that of myth.

Executive Producer: Corinne Castel
Scriptwriter: Mati Diop
Sound engineer: Alioune Mbow
Production Manager: Corinne Castel
Assistant director: Fabacary Assymby Coly
Director of photography: Hélène Louvart
Assistant operator: Laurent Coltelloni
Participants: Wasis Diop, Magaye Niang
Produced by Anna Sanders Films