BLK SPLLS is a collection of sonic spells written between 2013-2016.

While conducting these spells I was interested in translating survival concerns as performative action. One always in movement and never complete.

Using strategies of survival as ways of knowing the hidden invisible kins of knowledge and as the only way to divert…

Beyond the limits of imposed language
Beyond the limits of the living machine of dehumanization

Creating meaning through performative action
Becomes Anti-Music— against method and genre
As when the veil shatters, the invisible realm appears for a few moments before disappearing in the abyss of ‘rationalized’ meaning.”
— Nkisi, 2020


100% of the revenue of this release will be given to Black Lives Matter by the artist. The Centre also donated to Black Lives Matter’s fund and invites everyone to do so in response to the artist’s initiative and in solidarity with the movement.