Almusibli Panorama, May 2021

Almusibli Panorama, May 2021
Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek, PRICE, Nusser Glazova

Curated by Mohamed Almusibli

These works are presented as part of the program Almusibli Panorama. Each month, the Swiss curator Mohamed Almusibli presents a selection of digital works recently produced by Swiss artists, or artists living and working in Switzerland, in the Works section on the 5th floor, our digital extension. This one-year program aims at drawing a panorama of the territories and forms emerging from the Swiss art scene in all its diversity.

Program presented with the support of Pro Helvetia


Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek
2014-21, 14′

Five weddings, three generations and one film. Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek documents a significant moment of traditional life within his family in Oran, Algeria. Filmed over a period of 6 years, the film reviews the very codified numerous steps of a wedding celebration where tradition and modernity blend together against a kitsch backdrop.

Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek was born in 1989 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He lives and works in Lausanne. Graduated from ECAL in 2013, he worked as a graphic designer at the Swiss Cinematheque for 3 years and as a freelancer with EUROSTANDARD (a collective founded with Pierrick Brégeon and Clément Rouzaud). Together, they carry out visual communication mandates for clients in the cultural field. At the same time, he develops his personal practice related to video and computer graphics. Through this, he has collaborated with Soraya Lutangu Bonaventure, Ella Soto, Aïsha Devi, Tamara Alegre, Maud Hala Chami and David Dos Santos (ZRO21), Fatima Wegmann Guinassi and Moesha13. Since 2018, he has been teaching at ECAL and ERACOM. He recently created, with Steven Mbikayi Kadima, the pan-African clothing initiative, named Article 15.


Mantras for a Club (sequences)
2020-21, 26′

This video performance is part of a processual series; public outcomes of performance research with various collaborators for PRICE’s Mantras for a Club (sequences) project (2019,-ongoing). Iterating in different spaces, PRICE creates sonic and spatial scenarios in which individuals explore their state of exposure, offering a testing ground for flatness, artificiality and affect. Using physical repetition as an invocation of forms of theatricality, PRICE manipulates forms of intimacy to offer an imaginary journey and a reflection on collectivity, interiority and inter-subjectivity.

Mantras for a Club (sequences) draws material from an iteration in December 2020 at Theater Neumarkt Zürich. The individuals exaggerate and amplify the performance of a public self, creating an ellipsis of consumption. By displaying the production of emotional value to the level of exhaustion, PRICE centers the contemporary desire for constant performance. The camera gaze focuses on the internal and external viewpoint of the performer’s perspective, navigating between (and thus complicating) the relationship between the periphery and center. PRICE draws from a canon of synthetically produced modes of behavior to form what he terms “the choreography of the work”. Using theatrical language of the neo-baroque and imaginary, the work produces an ongoing “othering” in a challenge to the exoticization that body politics enact.

PRICE (b.1986) currently lives and works between Rome and Zürich. The work of PRICE is characterized by elaborate soundscapes, costumes and stage design often developed in collaborative constellations. His productions play with the audience’s expectations of the exposed, ostensibly authentic self of the performer, who emotes before their eyes. They are interspersed with pop-cultural set pieces, mechanical sounds, rhythms and his own singing voice. The voice forms a central element of his work. PRICE views it as an acoustic form of emotional communication outside language’s imperative to create meaning. In PRICE’s work, different spaces—each with their own economies, mechanisms of historization and exclusion, norms and potentials—overlap: the stage of theatre and performance, the club, digital space, the fashion runway, the exhibition space. The drama known as PRICE unfolds against a      backdrop of spaces divided into their individual, constituent parts.

PRICE with performers Camille Cléadon Decraux, Tamara Alegre, Tiran Willemse Normanson
Camera: Mirjam Graf & Chantal Kaufmann
Clarinet: Ivan Cheng
Guitar: Federico Capon
Track “Life” composed and produced with Cecile Believe, Modulaw and Tobias Koch      with vocal contribution by Cecile Believe and Thibault Lac
Curtain design in collaboration with Victor Barragán
Production Consulting Eva Buehler
Production: Rebecca Ammann
Production assistants: Olivia Bertschinger, Paolo Mereu
Leather mules by I S E
Underwear Knitwear by IAHAI
Co-Produced by Stadtgalerie Bern, Arsenic Lausanne, Theater Neumarkt Zürich


Nusser Glazova
Two in a Million
2021, 9′

Two in a Million is a fictional application video for a beauty contest called Miss Züri 2021 portraying     Julia Nusser and Tereza Glazova as contenders. While showing off their catwalk, posing and dancing skills, the happy-go-lucky girls share snippets of their life stories. In a charming and tenderhearted yet helplessly vain and competitive way they touch upon topics such as      perception of beauty, growing up, social class, cultural adaptation, loneliness and the art scene.

Julia Nusser (b. 1991, Hassfurt DE) and Tereza Glazova (*1996, Riga LV), alias Nusser Glazova, is a duo based in Zürich that deals with femininity in a pop cultural context. They create semi-autobiographical videos, performances and sculptures along the lines of post-ironic kitsch with resolute undertones of resistance and emancipation.